Warren Apel
Selected publications and websites:
Technology Publications

In 2014, Bill Willis and I co-authored an article in The International Educator about functionality overlap in educational technology.  
In 2008, I published a monograph on Technology Staffing in International Schools, compiled from an informal survey of 15 or 20 schools similar in size to AES. In October 2009, I put out a newer version based on a May 2009 survey I conducted. Over a hundred international schools participated in the survey. The results may be of interest to technology leaders who are trying to optimize staffing in their departments, or who are planning a 1:1 computer implementation. You can download the report, International School Technology Survey, Part I: Technology Staffing here. International School Technology Survey 2009

From 1999 to 2005, I wrote freelance articles for the international divisions of several noted magazines such as Good Housekeeping, PC World, and Business Today.For three years I wrote a regular monthly question-and-answer column for PC World Egypt.

From 1996 to 1997 I reviewed biotechnology software for Biotechnology Software and Internet Journal. I published reviews of GelPro, SGEL and GelWorks.

Web Design

I have been designing websites for personal, educational, non-profit and commercial purposes since 1995. My sites have been featured in Newsweek, Details, The Dallas Morning News, The Arizona Republic, The Houston Chronicle, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald, NBC News, TV.COM, CNN, Microsoft Bookshelf, HotWired, Art & Design, The Village Voice, and E! TV, among many others.

Educational Documentary Screenplays

In 1996 and 1997, I worked for Educational Management Group, then a subsidiary of Viacom, as a freelance scientific educational screenwriter and on-air talent. I wrote the screenplays for several educational documentaries including Amphibians, Reptiles, and the well-received Fish in the Sunlight Zone.

Scientific Publications, Presentations and Poster Sessions

Thompson DB, Sutherland J, Apel W, Ossowski V (1996) A Physical Map at 1p31 Encompassing the Acute Insulin Response Locus and the Leptin ReceptorGenomics 39.

Thompson DB, Sutherland J, Graham L, Biesterfeldt J, Apel W, Ossowski V, Knowler WC, Norman RA, Ravussin E, Bennett PH,  Bogardus C. (1996) Structure and sequence variation in the human leptin receptor gene.       
Annual meeting, American Society of Human Genetics (slide presentation)                                            
American Journal of Human Genetics: 59 supp:A 289 (abstract)

Thompson DB, Sutherland J, Apel W, Ossowski V (1996) Physical Mapping of the Acute Insulin Response Locus at 1p31.
Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions, American Diabetes Association June 1996 (poster)  Diabetes: 45 Supp 2:29A (abstract)

Apel, Warren S.  (10-11-1995) Use of Biological Resources on the Internet.  Research Conference, Clinical Diabetes and Nutrition Section, National Institutes of Health (slide presentation)

Thompson DB, Ossowski V, Sutherland J, Apel W, Janssen RC (1995)  Physical Characterization of the Region Around D1S198. Annual meeting, American Society of Human Genetics (poster)
American Journal of Human Genetics: 57 supp:A 272 (abstract)

Apel, Warren S. (Aug. 1991) The Polymerase Chain Reaction.  Arizona State University (Senior thesis)

Apel, Warren S (Apr. 1991) Identification of Peptide Adjacencies in Photosystem II.  6th Annual Tontozona Conference of Cell and Molecular Biology (slide presentation)

Vermaas W, Madsen C, Apel W (1991) The Donor Side of Photosystem II: A Molecular-Genetic Approach.  VII International Symposium on Photosynthetic Prokaryotes (poster)